Connells Carpet Cleaning

Thank you Fort Collins and Loveland for an amazing journey so far with my business, Connells Carpet Cleaning! When I purchased this business a few years ago, I never imagined the amazing customers that continue to look towards my professional services when it comes time to clean your carpets, bathroom or tile and grout areas or furniture. Over the last few years my business has really grown and I cannot thank you enough for your referrals and support. I had worked for over 10 years with Service Master and with my combined years of experience I have seen it all! When it comes time for you to consider cleaning your carpets, wood floors, grout & tile areas or for restoration work I would love to give you an estimate and earn your business with my knowledge, punctuality, professionalism and quality of work.

Connells Carpet Cleaning Knows How to Care For and Clean your Wood Floor

wood floor cleaning new serviceThis past Spring of 2013, I attended a special class down in Texas on the art and science of cleaning wood floors. Did you know that when you understand the type of wood and finish that you have on your floors there are certain ways to clean it that will keep it looking new for years to come?  Yes! My training was extensive and you will benefit from my new knowledge of all things “wood floor” related!  Recently, I cleaned a wood floor for a client that looked ok, kind of clean, the sun sparkled on it – but when you saw what it looked like AFTER I used my all natural wood cleaning products combined with my gentle wood cleaning machine…… it looked absolutely amazing!  Brand New!  My client was so please she wanted 5 business cards to share with her friends right away. Now that is cool!

 I love to transform your dull, grey, dirty floors into something brilliant.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the flooring sales guys – I am totally delaying a customer from getting new flooring with Connells Carpet Cleaning (and other related) services! Oh well – if I can help you keep your existing flooring in good shape – I feel I’ve done my job well.

Take a look here with my new website and read up about all the different types of cleaning that I provide. Call me at 970-224-1739 and I will be happy to schedule you a Connell’s Carpet Cleaning service right away. If you’d like to leave a Testimonial – please do so – referrals come from happy customers! Don’t forget my new Wood Floor Cleaning service is amazing. Let’s take a look at your wood floors today and see if we can extend their life a bit using all-natural cleaning products by Connells Carpet Cleaning.

Thank you! Let us clean your living space today. – Roger Stewart