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Carpet cleaning in Fort Collins by Connells Carpet Cleaning

Ahh! Carpet Cleaning safe for family and pets!

At Connells Carpet Cleaning we use truck mounted hot water extraction methods that utilize the right combination of fresh, hot water through high powered steam and all natural products. Many customers prefer a deep cleaning carpet procedure when search for carpet cleaning in Fort Collins.  Deep cleaning will remove all ground in dirt, and any variety of surfaces stains and residual detergents. Neglecting to have an annual professional deep cleaning will prevent wearing down the carpet fibers and the cleaning will leave the fibers of your carpet clean, soft and renewed.

We address mold and mildew even in the dry climate of Colorado. These can spread under your carpet from moisture that is tracked in during rainy and snowy months. Even with weekly vacuuming, allergens may still settle in the carpet fibers. Movement can raise allergens , release them into the air of your home or business environment and be bothersome for people with sensitivities. Seasonal allergies can perpetuate throughout the year. When you choose professional deep carpet cleaning in Fort Collins by Connells Carpet Cleaning we will remove the debris from your carpets for cleaner breathable air.

Testing of your carpet fabric content will determine the products selected for your specific need.

Cleaning Procedure for Carpet Cleaning in Fort Collins by Connells

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oh yes! They were dirty! Huge difference!

We take care of your stains with our specially formulated spot treatment product. We only use the recommended amount – over treating can lead to your carpet being unfairly stressed and cause it to wear faster. Then we clean and rinse the carpet, taking extra care in high traffic areas.  We recommend that you allow the carpet to dry naturally before walking on it with family and pets. If you can pick a time of day where it can dry well, that would be the best scenario for the best results for your carpet cleaning in Fort Collins!

Annual professional cleaning, with no residue, is essential to protect and prolong the life of your flooring investment.  All types of flooring benefit from weekly maintenance of sweeping, vacuuming and spot removal care.  Immediate treatment of stains with a mild detergent and providing entry way mats are encouraged. Please see our area on wood floor cleaning to thoroughly clean your wood areas. You’d be amazed at the difference!

DIY Carpet Cleaning in Fort Collins – Avoid

“Do It Yourself” home rental equipment will not reach to clean the shaft of carpet fibers. Try to avoid using a rental unit to clean as we find that many customers who rent equipment did not properly rinse out the carpet in an effort to be fast. What happens then is that the soap left in the carpet actually attracts dirt and debris! Stains that were surfaced cleaned, will continue to attract more dirt to the surface.  Our prices are very reasonable and you should always ask for a quote. When you add up the rental costs, the product costs, the hassle of transporting a heavy piece of equipment in your car and of course your time – Connells Carpet Cleaning is the clear choice for a super clean carpet.

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We know you have many choices when it comes time to research carpet cleaning in Fort Collins and we are glad you’ve found our website. Why not give us a call now at 970-224-1739! There is nothing that comes close to the quality professional carpet cleaning service that Connells Carpet Cleaning provides for the cleanest carpet on the block!

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