Clean Carpet Often for that New Carpet Style for Years!

With the current design trend of hard wood floors for style and to reduce allergies there is still one area that everyone loves carpeting – in the bedroom. It’s where you always want a clean carpet.

A great clean carpet is soft to the feet, it helps to dampen sound in the room and helps to control the room temperature as well. Ever try to keep a hard wood floor warm that is built over a garage? Yes, that carpeting does help keep things more comfortable in winter months!

If you decide to have a cut pile carpet, it’s the easiest to clean but might not give you the updated, modern look you seek. Loop pile carpets (like Berber) are very even and provide a more rigid appearance, but also take longer to dry when cleaning. Either way – just work around the style you prefer. Remember that all carpets come in a variety of patterns and colors. Make sure your carpet will last for your needs today and in the future.

Clean Carpet Walkways

Carpet runners help cut down on dirt - Connells Carpet Cleaning

Carpet runners help cut down on dirt and protect high traffic areas. Still clean both of them.

If you love your carpet, be sure it lasts by getting a cleaning done at least every 8 months. The walkways take the most traffic dirt and debris and could use a good cleaning to keep your color and soft feel consistent to the first day of install!

There is no problem with putting in “runners” down your hallway to keep a clean carpet. Just be sure not to replace the runners on top of carpet that has been recently cleaned to prevent mildew. The fibers should be allowed to dry freely and straight for the quickest dry cycle.

Of course if you have any questions be sure to call me, Roger, at Connells Carpet Cleaning and I will give you the best advice in cleaning and care of your carpet. Call me at 970- or use my handly contact form and I can clean your carpets right away. I work in the Northern Colorado area including Fort Collins, LaPorte, Wellington, Greeley, Loveland and other surrounding areas. Many satisfied customers and my products are effective and save for your pets and family.