Use our Coupon to clean your carpets from Summer dirt & debris buildup!

Coupon to clean your carpets form Connells Carpet Cleaning Fort CollinsSummer time means that the door opens and closes a lot. Dogs, cats, kids, kids friends, adults, and even summer visitors are all going in and out as they have fun in the sun. What gets the most wear and tear in your home? Your carpets of course! We see it all the time! It’s hard to control the dirt and mud that gets tracked in from so many sources.

We know you can’t clean your carpets every month, but a good thorough cleaning after the summer time activities is a great idea. Connells Carpet Cleaning is here to assist with your home transformation with a coupon to clean your carpets! Send the kids back to school and get a grip on the household again – you can do it with our help. And a coupon!  Having a bit of a break on the cost is always welcome. We know you are spending money getting the kids ready to go with new notebooks, pens, clothes and cell phones so why not offer a super great carpet cleaning coupon?

Yeah, we thought you’d like that. Ok, enough chatter. Let’s begin the summertime clean up with clean carpets. See our coupon below. Mention this coupon to clean your carpets when you book your appointment when you call Roger at 970-224-1739 and start of Fall with clean carpets.

Coupon Connelss Carpet Cleaning Loveland and Fort Collins Colorado