The Best Results in Carpet Cleaning

The best results in carpet cleaning by Connells Carpet Cleaning of Fort Collins ColoradoGetting the best results possible for your carpet cleaning efforts begins with maintenance. By keeping your carpets well vacuumed and free of stains and ground in debris – these are the best ways to ensure that the carpet upon cleaning will have a uniform look with a clean, fluffy bright appearance.

A recent client was so pleased to see the stairs clean so nicely and I told her it was cat hair. She was surprised, but then realized she was not as eager to vacuum the stairs. The rest of the house was fine, but the darker carpet and the addition of an extra cat combined to make the stair area appear dirty, when in fact it was just accumulated cat hair. Taking the time to vacuum your entire house really makes a difference in the carpet appearance.

For the best results in carpet cleaning, preventive care is important. It simply includes all the things you do to prevent your carpet from getting dirt. Entry mats are a major preventive care measure. If you own a commercial business and there is constant traffic coming from the parking lot area many businesses add special winter absorbent mats to help with the snow and dirt that want to drop off in the front of your door as you walk into a warm building. These types of extra protective measures will prolong the life of your carpet. Remember:

– Entry mats

– Vacuum frequently included stairs

– Attack stains immediately – do not let them sit around.

– Call us if we can help with tough stains in between your regular carpet cleaning schedule – 970-224-1739