Tile and Grout Cleaning in Fort Collins

Tile and decorative stonework has become a popular floor covering for homes for both the  inside and outside living areas because of durability. Once the champion of only the bathroom, these types of floors now constitutes the majority of your  living space. Families with pets have found that a durable flooring system is preferred over carpet in some instances. The same formula for Carpet, Upholstery and Hardwood Floor Cleaning applies to Tile and Grout cleaning.  Rely on the professionals from Connells Carpet Cleaning for your tile and grout cleaning in order to maintain the appearance, longevity and “like-new appearance” of your durable floor covering.

Regular Mopping for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning and Stone Floor Cleaning in Fort Collins, Colorado 970-224-1739With regular mopping, your tile and grout cleaning should be easy to maintain, however you still leave dirt residue and over time that residue will result in ground-in dirt into the grout. Dirt and deposits can fasten themselves deep into the recesses and crevices of your grout. This tends to  cause discoloration and the reduction of the grout stability.  At Connells Carpet Cleaning we use specially formulated tile and grout cleaning products versus harsh chemicals that could lead to rapid deterioration and decay of your floor product. It’s just as important to save the grout as it is to clean it! We don’t want to have your tiles or expensive stone work loosen up over time! It takes the eye of a trained technician to determine the best approach. Don’t take chances. When looking for professional tile/stone and grout cleaning in Fort Collins, Connells Carpet Cleaning is your best choice!Our tile and Grout cleaning equipment provides a deep cleaning that is achieved and a grout sealant application creates a barrier to dirt.

Proper Cleaning Solutions Make the Difference

Connells uses powerful cleaning solutions, combined with a vacuum suction to “extract” the dirt and grime from your grout and tiles. This is then followed-up with a high pressure rinse, completely eliminating any trace of dirt or discoloration. Your decision to call Connell’s for annual tile and grout cleaning will protect your flooring investment and keep all tiles, stones and grouted areas looking brand new! Do you have wood areas in addition to tile? Consider Connells wood floor cleaning options as well!

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