Wood Floor Cleaning

To return the luster of your wood flooring and once again admire the beauty and grain of the wood you have invested in, utilize Connells Carpet Cleaning for a professional wood floor cleaning result! Hardwood floors build up with dirt, soil, dust and build up residue similar to soiled high traffic carpet areas. The dirt, allergens and dust mites present the same problems, as in other flooring options. Dirt, grit and minute sand particles are the things that scratch, dent and dull your beloved hardwood floors. In between professional wood floor cleaning appointments, consider placing a doormat at each entrance to trap dirt and sand, and vacuum the mats frequently.

Wood Floor Cleaning Hardwood Floor Cleaning by Connells Carpet Cleaning Fort Collins, CO

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Dry Mop Wood Floor Cleaning

Despite your attention to weekly vacuuming, dry mopping and polishing (with a no wax polish) your hardwood floors will still build up debris and dirt. By making the decision to give professional attention to your investment, you will avoid the expense of refinishing your wood floors – which can financially compare to the initial installation! The inconvenience  of the refinishing dust and noise, as well as the strong odors and temporary displacement of your family and furnishings can be a huge undertaking. By properly caring for your wood floors with a professional wood floor cleaning session by Connells Carpet Cleaning you can keep the luster and health of your hard wood floors for a long time.

Cleaning Procedure for Wood Floor Cleaning

  1. You will remove all furniture to open the hard wood floor area.
  2. Connells will deep clean your hard wood floors with professionally approved, gentle products.
  3. Repeat; scrub the area and extract all debris, dirt and liquid. Dry.

After a few hours you will be able to walk on your amazingly clean and shiny hardwood floor!  It will be so clean you’ll have to be careful if you are just in your socks. When replacing your furniture after 24 hours  remember to carry it, not push the furniture on your beautiful floor. Interested to see the difference? It will amaze you!

Call Connells right now at 970-224-1739 and treat your hardwood floors to a wood floor cleaning process that will make them look like new again!